STOP, Are you wondering if your Phone System is NBN-Ready? Read this article now!

Telephone Salespersons around Australia are inciting fear in SMB owner’s, stating that they must purchase a new phone system in order to stay “NBN-Compliant”. So, what does “NBN-Compliant” really mean?

Here’s a message from our Director “Essentially being NBN-Ready means being VOIP ready which is a very simple process and can cost you as little as $65.”

With the NBN being rolled out over the coming years, pre-existing services such as the copper and cable broadband networks will eventually be disconnected. Once this occurs in your area your SMB has 18 months to move your landline phone and internet services over to the NBN Network.

During this time, you may be inundated with calls from salespersons regarding the upgrading of your phone system to ensure that you stay NBN-Compatible, these people must simply be ignored and here is the reason why. Due to the technical knowledge needed to truly wrap your head around what to do with your phone system, salespersons around Australia are taking advantage of your lack of knowledge forcing you to spend thousands of dollars on new equipment or signing up to new contracts and VOIP Bundles. The secret is, that only a few short steps are required to be taken in order to make your existing hardware NBN Compatible.

Here are the following steps…

Get an ATA Device

There is a very high chance that your current phone system can become NBN-Ready (or VOIP Ready) with the simple addition of an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter) Device. These ATA’s known simply as Phone Line adapters, connect traditional landline phones or phone systems to VoIP lines or an NBN Internet Connection. These devices and readily available and can be purchased at a low cost of $65, which means that your SMB does not need to pay for an expensive new Phone system in order to get itself NBN-Ready.

A second option is to install a VoIP Line card into your existing phone system, so that it become compatible with VoIP lines as well as PSTN or ISDN Lines. The trouble is most Telecommunication Companies will not let you know that this option exists, which is why you should move to a trusted Telecommunication Company such as NBM Networks.

If an ATA Device or VoIP Line Card doesn’t work for you then try from the following:

Cloud Based Phone Systems

Third party Providers handle your phone system processing in Cloud based phone system solutions. This Third party has the responsibility of running, upgrading and maintaining your phone system at no extra cost. These providers often charge and affordable monthly fee that is inclusive of calls and possible certain features such as Auto Attendant or Messaging and Recording services. With a cloud based solution, you have no physical PBX unit on your premises and the only hardware are your handsets and your existing internet equipment such as your modem-router.

Cloud based systems can be great for businesses that are small, fast-growing or operate from multiple locations, and they can work out to be far cheaper than on-site phone systems.

Hosted IP PBX Phone Systems

With a Hosted IP PBX, the PBX or Phone System is located in a secure data centre instead of your physical address. The System’s maintenance, expansion and upgrade are still usually the responsibility of the business who pays for the Hosted PBX. However, NBM Networks has the fortunate circumstance of having its own Data Centre, therefore allowing you to purchase a Hosted platform from us with Maintenance included.

Last but not least is the On Premises Physical IP PBX Solution

With a range of brands such as NEC, Avaya, Alcatel and Panasonic to choose from, your SMB has a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to installing your new phone system. With On Premises Systems, as the name suggests, the phone system is held on site and provided to you via a Telecommunications Provider such as NBM Networks. There can be a higher upfront cost than with fully cloud based solutions, but much lower ongoing costs are very achievable as there is no monthly service fees charged by the cloud provider. Maintenance of this type of phone system can be arranged by the supplier such as NBM Networks at an extra cost.

Need Advice?

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